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Board on Board w/ 6x6 Posts Materials & Installation

This gorgeous fence is built with 6x6 Post for a sturdier fence and greater look plus it has the board on board pickets in the middle for a truly private privacy fence. 

This wooden fence style is fully framed with pressure treated lumber. 

We use concreted 6x6 posts exposed and beveled, [3] horizontal 2x4 frame rails, 6" western red cedar (in image below) board on board pickets,and a cedar 2x4 top fascia board.

Board on Board - 6x6 Posts Fence Pricing:

Pressure Treated Pickets
6 - Foot Tall Fence - Cost per lineal foot - $24-26

Cedar Pickets
6 - Foot Tall Fence - Cost per lineal foot - $27-29

Rock Holes or Hard Dig - Each $10.00
Easement Panels           - Each $25.00
4' Wood Gates with Rust Resistant Hardware - Each $100.00
9' Double Gate with Rust Resistant Hardware & 6x6 Posts - Each $250.00