Driveways & Patios

Design & Installation of

San Antonio Patios & Driveways

Deluxe Construction uses strict construction measures which include Heavy Duty Foundations, Drainage, 3000 PSI Concrete with Reinforcement Rebar.  

We always ask ourselves - How will this hold up 20, 30 Years from now?

Do you want a Country or Rustic Look Then Flagstone is the Perfect choice, plus it is durable and low maintenance.

Dry setting flagstone 
4” gravel base of 5/8” compacted crushed rock, setting and leveling the flagstone & joint filler - $8-12 Per Sq Ft
Wet setting Flagstone 
4" - 6" Concrete Slab, placed & joints filled with mortar. Paios & Driveways  - $12-16 Per Sq Ft
Outdoor Kitchen and Fireplace

Pavers are the perfect choice for those seeking a Mediterranean or Spanish Style Patio, Driveway or Courtyard.

Dry-laid in Sand 
2-4" Compacted Base, 1" Sand bed & Installation and Polymeric Sand for all Joints. $10-14 Per Sq Ft
Wet-laid in Mortar
2-4" Concrete Base, 1/2" Mortar & Joints filled in with Grout. $12-16 Per Sq Ft

Standard Concrete is the most durable & maintenance-free product used for Driveways & Patios.

Patios - 4" concrete, #3 rebar and a non-slip finish.
Prices from $6-9 Per Sq Ft. 

Driveways - 5-6" concrete, #3 rebar and a non-slip finish.
Prices from $7-10 Per Sq Ft.
Exposed aggregate - 4-6" concrete, rebar and exposed aggregate finish Prices $10-12 Per Sq Ft. GO!
Concrete Services

Decorative Concrete includes Stamped Concrete, Colored, Stained and Creative Scoring Concrete

Stained concrete
‍4-6" concrete, #3 rebar, non-slip broom finish. Acetone Dye Applied & Supreme Sealer $10-13 Per Sq Ft GO!

Colored concrete
4-6" Colored Concrete, #3 rebar, non-slip broom finish $7 Per Square Foot GO!

Patios & Driveways
4-6" Colored Concrete, #3 rebar, Stamping & Supreme Sealer Prices $10-12 Per Sq Ft GO!
Decorative Concrete
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