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Choosing the Right Contractor

One of the most important steps in getting a New Outdoor Project installed is Choosing the Right Contractor. 

Why Should you Choose Deluxe Construction?

Choosing the Right Team for your Project!
There are many Companies offering Hardscape & Landscape installation in the San Antonio Area but only a few have Experience in 3 Factors.

• Proper Installation Experience
• Maintaining & Building Re-sale Value
• Design Experience & Background
What does a Company need to have to help it's Customers?
Installation Experience
Deluxe Construction has over 20 Years of Experience and actually started doing Demolition Work through-out South Texas. We saw First-Hand why certain Structures like Fences, Patios, Masonry Structures Fail in the First Place.

By learning all of the Strong & Weak points in Landscape & Hardscape Installation, we started learning what needed to be done to pro-long the life of Concrete, Masonry & Wooden Projects.

Knowledge of Value
We also do work for many Home Investors, House Flippers & Real Estate Agents. There we have learned what makes a home Loose Value, Maintain Value & what actually Builds Value.

Converting Peoples Ideas into Reality by Design
With all of the Years building Patios, Outdoor Kitchens, Fences, Driveways, Concrete Work & Landscaping, Combined with the Education of the next Deluxe Construction Generation, we are now a Leader in Landscape, Structure & Hardscape Design in the San Antonio & Surrounding Areas.
How do you know when to trust a Contractor?
Licensed, Insured & Bonded
Deluxe Construction has been Licensed with the State of Texas since 2005. The Owner is FBI Background Checked every year & has an Approval with the Licensing Department.

We carry a 2 Million Dollar Insurance Coverage & a $100,000 In-surety Bond to Protect Us, our Employees & our Customers.

Background Checked
All of our employees are either Familly that we have knows since birth or are Back Ground Checked to insure that we only hire honest & trustworthy employees.
What else should a Contractor offer?
They have to Care
We are commited in helping our Community and assisting Homeowners every day. We enjoy sharing our Expertise & Ideas with people by providing Free Consultations. We also believe that even if they choose to go with another Contractor, we assisted them in making the right decisions when it comes to their Outdoor Projects.
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Deluxe Construction provides Free Estimates, Free Consultations & Low Fee Professional Designs that will allow you envision your project, learn proper installation processes, get faster HOA Approvals & get Real Comparable Quotes (Apples to Apples).

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